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Rare Earths Price Charts

Below are 6 month price charts for the principal metals identified at the site of Redmetlitas with original prices for Europe and China.

These charts are provided by Metal Pages Ltd. Prices are updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are indicative, and based on warehouse Rotterdam or Klaipėda duty unpaid (CIF), unless otherwise stated. For full details please visit www.metal-pages.com.

Rare Earths Price Charts - oxides

Cerium oxide 99%min FOB China

Cerium oxide 99% min CIF Europe

Dysprosium oxide 99% min. FOB China

Europium oxide 99% min. FOB China

Gadolinium oxide 99%min FOB China

Lanthanum oxide 99%min FOB China

Mischmetal La 35% Ce 65% FOB China

Neodymium oxide 99%min FOB China

Praseodymium oxide 99%min FOB China

Samarium oxide 99%min FOB China

Terbium oxide 99% min. FOB China

Yttrium oxide 99.999%min FOB China

Price charts provided by www.metal-pages.com.

Cerium Oxide 99% min FOB China

Cerium Metal 99% min FOB China

Mischmetal La35% Ce65% FOB China