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Rare Earth Oxides

Rare Earth Oxides

The following oxides, tabulated with their reference chemical analysis, are available. These oxides can also be made into other compounds, like Carbonate, Chloride, Nitrate, etc.

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Lanthanum Oxide

uses in ceramics and FCC catalyst, special optical glasses, La-Ce-Tb phosphors for fluorescent lamps

Cerium Oxide
glass polishing, decolorize glass, medical glassware and aerospace windows, television glass, applied...
Yttrium Oxide
in colour television & computer tubes, in optical industry (yttrium-iron-garnets), in electronic...
Lutetium Oxide

application in ceramics, glass, phosphors, lasers

Holmium Oxide
tri-band phosphors, advanced ceramics, pigments, glass, glazes, laser crystals, Rare Earth doped fibers
Europium Oxide
used as a phosphor activator, color cathode-ray tubes and liquid-crystal displays used in computer monitors...
Gadolinium Oxide
used for making optical glass and gadolinium yttrium garnets, for making phosphors for colour TV tube
Samarium Oxide

uses in glass, phosphors, lasers, and thermoelectric devices

Neodymium Oxide

used for catalyst, glass, crystal and capacitors

Cerium Oxide 99% min FOB China

Cerium Metal 99% min FOB China

Mischmetal La35% Ce65% FOB China